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Rhythmflow Dance Company



Rhythmflow believe that dance is for everyone and offers a range of opportunities for all to participate in.

Join us for professional training sessions led by Rhythmflow company members and guest dance artists. Each session we will explore rhythms, creative concepts, sections from Rhythmflow  shows and other styles and techniques from invited guest teachers. 

Embrace our ongoing professional training  which includes practical and reflective work and allows space for sharing and debate around dance-practice and community engagement. We train our artists with specialist knowledge, refining their skills for our participation programme and open the training to the wider sector.  

What to expect: 

- Creative practice and choreography

- Voice and text in dance
- Rhythmflow repertoire
- Technique Classes (Tap, Hip Hop, Contemporary) 

- Physical Education (Fitness) 
- Guest Artists (e.g improv, body percussion, lindy hop, 
house, krump) 

For more information about all our professional training sessions please contact:

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