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Choreographer:​  Rikkai Scott
Music Composer: Jean Pierre (JP)

Producer: Agata Olszewska

Performers: Ashley Goosey and Rikkai Scott

Funded by Arts Council England and Bermuda Arts Council 


Supported by DanceEast, House of Mass, FABRIC and

Centre 151.


Running time: 60 minutes 

Touring dates: April 2024 onwards 

Touring Pack - Coming Soon


Rhythmflow worked in collaboration with The Royal Institute of The Blind for research and development working with five visually impaired individuals whose story helped shape the end result of the duet.​ 

As a result the duet toured throughout out UK, Bermuda and was shortlisted as part of Festival 10 Sentidos competition in Valencia. 

SENSE is a narrative piece exploring how powerful the human senses become in a individual who is blind. It is supposed that the remaining are heightened in the absence of vision; for example, the awareness of sound becomes heightened. Rhythmflow use  fusion  to provoke a raw emotional connection with an audience.​


"The pair have a wonderful engaging dynamic

Siobhan Murphy



Capital Theatre, Endinburgh

14 - 16 October







Espai La Rambleta, Valencia

09 May 2018 part of Festival 10 Sentidos competition for choreographers 

Earl Cameron Theatre, Bermuda 

22 July 2018 


Theatre Peckham, London

15 August 2018  




The Place, London 

16 January 2018 part of Resolution

Rhoda McGaw Theatre, Woking 

20 - 24 March 2018 



Theatre Deli, London 

14 April 2018

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